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From:João Cândido de Souza Neto Date:June 30 2010 5:44pm
Subject:Re: INSERT with auto increment
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You can choose between:



INSERT INTO TABLE1 (stuffField) VALUES ('stuff')


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Hi All,

In MS SQL, if the table has an identity field/primary key which is set
to auto increment, you can leave the value out of an INSERT statement,
and the next highest value will be automatically inserted...

For instance, with a two column table I could do "INSERT INTO TABLE1

I'm having trouble doing the same thing in mySQL...

In mySQL, if I expressly give it a value, like "INSERT INTO TABLE1
VALUES(17,'stuff')" - it works fine. But if I remove the 17, it says I
don't have a matching number of columns.

The field in question has a foreign key in another table, making this a
primary key in theory, but there's nothing in myphpadmin that shows this
as a primary key - perhaps this is the problem?

Need some guidance....



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