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From:Steven Staples Date:June 23 2010 1:33pm
Subject:MySQL Upgrading
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I am looking at upgrading my servers Debian version from Etch to Lenny, and
in doing that, I think it will upgrade MySQL from 5.0.32 to the lenny
version, which is  5.0.53 (I think).

I have also been thinking about using the 'dotdeb' packages, which will
upgrade it even further to 5.1.47.  I have done this on a test server, and
it all my stored procedures and stuff work fine, so now to my question.

Will this break any replication if I don't upgrade my replication server
that is still running 5.0.32 (until I upgrade that server as well, which
could be a few weeks due to timing)?

The other issue, is that the replication server is running multiple
instances of the same MySQL on different ports, so that I can replicate
multiple sources to a single server (that has attached tape drives for
backup purposes), is it possible to run both versions of mysql (the 5.0.32
and the 5.1.47)?    granted, this is not the debian mailing list, just
thought I would ask that last part ;)

Steven Staples

MySQL UpgradingSteven Staples23 Jun
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