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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 22 1999 2:43am
Subject:Host '...' is blocked error
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>>>>> "David" == David Sklar <sklar@stripped> writes:

>> Description:

David>    What are the networking conditions that cause MySQL to increment the 
David> counter that triggers the "Host '...' is blocked" error message? I am getting 
David> that error from servers that are only being connected to by valid clients.

David> The only thing I can think of that makes the connections unusual is that the 
David> MySQL servers are sitting behind a Cisco LocalDirector. Even still, 
David> connections usually work fine.

The error number is incremented if one of the following happens:

- One gets an error reading/writing to the client while connectiong.
- If it takes more than 'connect_timeout' before the client answers to 
  a the connect handshaking.

When a connection succedes from a host, the counter is reset.

>> How-To-Repeat:
>> Fix:
David>  If I set max_connect_errors to 0, will MySQL never generate that error?

No;  You should instead set max_connect_errors to a real big value.
For example 16M should work nicely.

Host '...' is blocked errorMichael Widenius22 Apr