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From:Johan De Meersman Date:June 9 2010 1:38pm
Subject:Authentication issue
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Hi list,

I'm migrating a Java application from it's local MySQL server (5.0) to
a remote 5.1 server. I've transferred the data and slaved the new
server to keep it in sync, but when I try to switch out the datasource
(that is, just change from localhost to the remote server), the
application refuses to connect, claiming that an invalid user or

Whenever I try to connect from the commandline, there's not a problem
to be seen - connection is quick and good.

I already tried with connecting to the IP, adding the IP to the
server's access tables (should be an issue, it's in the hosts file
anyway), flush hosts/privileges and whatnot. Also upgraded the java
connector to the latest version on

All to no avail - it keeps saying the user or password is invalid,
regardless of how many succesful connects I do on the commandline.

Has anyone ever seen similar behaviour, and managed to fix it ?


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Authentication issueJohan De Meersman9 Jun