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From:Machiel Richards Date:June 9 2010 5:57am
Subject:Questions regarding Query cache usage
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Good morning all


        I would like to try and find out how you can see what is using the
query cache.


                My reason for asking is the following:


                On one of our client databases, the query cache is set to
128Mb and the usage always varied between 5% and 53% and basically never
went above that.


                However, this morning I noticed that the query cache usage
is at 99.98% which is very odd for the database.


                Does anybody have an idea on how to determine why this usage
is suddenly this high and if we should look at increasing the query cache
size or not?





                I also have a second question relating to a previous post I
sent through but never really received a definitive answer.


                The client database is setup with a master slave
replication, the master Innodb buffer pool usage is at 4Gb at present (no
more system memory available to increase this)

                We are starting to receive errors on the slave server
however relating to the innodb buffer pool size being used up and there is
no place to add more locks.


                This was found to be related to the slave server's innodb
buffer pool size that is currently still set to 8mb. I would like to know
whether it will be worth changing the value on the slave server to match
that of the master server or will this cause more problems?



   Really hoping someone can assist here and all help is appreciated.






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