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From:Jerry Schwartz Date:June 3 2010 1:41pm
Subject:RE: Slow when using sub-query
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>Subject: Re: Slow when using sub-query
>The short answer is that the optimizer is amazingly stupid about subqueries,
>and it assumes that they are dependent even when they're not - that subquery
>gets executed for every row in your main query.
[JS] That's what I figured was happening -- either that, or my CPU was on 
strike for higher voltages.

>The fastest way to do this, would probably be to run your subquery, have
>your code assemble the appropriate IN clause, and then run your main query.
[JS] A lot of what I do is one-off things, and I usually wind up using the 
CLI. Rewriting the whole business as a JOIN to a derived table worked very 

>The long answer is that there's a rather good Advanced Tuning course that
[JS] No doubt. Our database is so small, and my duties are so diverse, that 
tuning only gets my attention when a problem interferes with other people's 



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