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From:Kevin Baynes Date:May 26 2010 2:56pm
Subject:RE: Impossible Out Param Return Value
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The problem occurs because the parameter names are the same as the column names. I'm not
sure why, since the columns are specified in quotes, but it does.



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Subject: Impossible Out Param Return Value

Using MySql 5.1, I have a very simple table with 1 row. I have a Stored Procedure to
select if the row exists. I expect the test of this SP to return null, but it returns a
value! The value is always returned if the 'path' matches, regardless of the other values
being tested. If the 'path' does not match, it returns NULL as expected. Has anyone seen
this before?


Full explanation below:

Table 'file_detail' with 1 row:

id_file_detail, id_file, id_machine, id_user, path
1             , 1      , 1         , 1      , C:\Program Files\BlueZone

Stored Procedure to see if row exists:

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `find_file_detail`$$
CREATE PROCEDURE `find_file_detail`
    IN id_file int(11),
    IN id_machine int(11),
    IN id_user int(11),
    IN filePath varchar(255),
    OUT keyOut int(11)

    SELECT `id_file_detail` 
    INTO keyOut 
    FROM `file_detail` 
    WHERE (`id_file` = id_file 
        AND `id_machine` = id_machine 
        AND `id_user` = id_user 
        AND `path` = filePath) 
    LIMIT 1;

SQL used to test the stored procedure:

SET @keyOut = NULL;
CALL find_file_detail(99,99,99,'C:\\Program Files\\BlueZone',@keyOut);
SELECT @keyOut;


Notice there is 1 row, the values of 99 do not exist, but the path does exist. This test
will return @keyOut = 1. How is this possible?

If I change the path string to use 'BlueZone1' (so the paths do not match), then this test
will return @keyOut = NULL as expected. It seems as though the only thing getting matched
is the path and the other 3 values are being ignored.

Does this make sense to anyone?

Kevin Baynes
Senior Software Developer
Rocket Software

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