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From:Rob Wultsch Date:May 24 2010 8:45pm
Subject:Re: Security issues
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On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 1:42 PM, Martin Gainty <mgainty@stripped> wrote:
> Good Afternoon Rob-
> if you're implementing either glassfish or weblogic webserver
> your "best fit solution" would be Oracle Identity Manager
> there are 'other' identity solutions such as RSA which are
> 1)far more complex ..
> 2)virtually hackproof..
> at random intervals RSA implements an alternate encryption
> algorithm with an
> alternate keysize
> RSA issues smart cards which contain sufficient biometric information
> to authenticate you
> (and pass the authentication token to the OS)
> does this help?
> Martin Gainty

I am explicitly not setting up identity solutions or anything else.
All I want is a page from mysql which lists security issues.and what
versions are effected. I don't think that this is such an insane

Rob Wultsch
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