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From:Guilhem Bichot Date:May 23 2010 9:16am
Subject:Important for users of Bazaar branches of MySQL Server code from
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Please, read this email if you are using Bazaar branches of MySQL Server 
code located on Launchpad (at ).

I just converted our Oracle-internal Bazaar shared repository to "Bazaar 
format 2a" (it used to be in format 1.9). This is a new format where bzr 
stores things differently, resulting in a twice smaller repository (~400 
MB instead of ~800MB).

As this Oracle-internal repository is mirrored to Launchpad, Launchpad 
is going to convert its mirror branches to format 2a too (automatically, 
I have been told).
This conversion takes several hours, so expect those Launchpad branches 
to be unavailable today and/or tomorrow. Don't panic if "bzr pull" from 
Launchpad gives errors, for example.

After the conversion is done, there will be simple conversion steps to 
take on your side too. I'll explain them in a next email, when Launchpad 
has converted enough branches (which is hard to predict as it depends on 
Launchpad's automatic jobs, and its load, but I guess it will be 
tomorrow or on Tuesday).
I don't want to explain steps right now, because following conversion 
instructions if Launchpad's branches happen to not be converted yet (bad 
luck), would only be a pure waste of your time.


Mr. Guilhem Bichot <guilhem@stripped>
Sun Microsystems / MySQL, Lead Software Engineer
Bordeaux, France /
Important for users of Bazaar branches of MySQL Server code fromLaunchpadGuilhem Bichot23 May