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From:Colin Streicher Date:May 21 2010 2:55am
Subject:Re: Database Quotas
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On May 20, 2010 09:55:41 pm Tim Gustafson wrote:
> > Use postgres, you can assign tablespaces to a partition
> > of the size you want. When it gets full, writes are
> > refused. I'm not sure how nicely that is handled ( in
> > terms of error output ) but the advantage is that Pg is
> > ACID compliant, so  you won't lose data.
> Wow, that's the first time I've read a message on a support list that
> seriously said "use another program" in response to a (IMHO) reasonable
> feature request.  :)
> But then again, your domain name is "", so...
> Tim Gustafson
> Baskin School of Engineering
> UC Santa Cruz
> tjg@stripped
> 831-459-5354

Lol, yeah, it did seem like more of a trolling attempt than what I was going for. My point
was two-
fold. First, generally speaking, putting a quota on an entire database means you are
probably doing 
it wrong. In a perfect world, it seems to be that building a database which can maintain a
without constant mothering would be best, this doesn't always happen for one reason or
another, but 
of all the ways to maintain a constant database size, quotas are one of the worst. In
mysql, there 
don't seem to be defined ways to handle this sort of error reliably, at least not from the

perspective of the data I've lost in this way on mysql.
Second, I mention Postgres in this context first because of tablespaces, which allow you
to handle 
this from the filesystem level and second because it is ACID compliant even when running
up against 
space boundaries. This is probably important if you like your data intact.

I'm not a mysql developer, neither do I want to be, and neither am I an expert on
databases. What I 
know comes from the administration I have to do at work, I would venture that many other
people on 
the list have a better understanding of this issue than I do... just my .02

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