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From:<jc Date:May 14 2010 5:53pm
Subject:RE: Can't create foreign key
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Interesting. Thanks for that tip on showing the INNODB STATUS.  It turned up
the error:

A foreign key constraint of name `cc/fk_lessons` already exists.

...which tells me that a foreign key name cannot already be in use even if
on a different table (at least that's what it appears to be saying).  I
named the foreign key something totally different than anything else in the
database, and it worked.  So, I guess foreign keys must have unique names
like tables do.


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From: Gavin Towey [mailto:gtowey@stripped] 
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Subject: RE: Can't create foreign key

Perror 121 says:
OS error code 121:  Remote I/O error

Which I'm not too sure why an ALTER to add an constraint would give that

Normally though, foreign key errors are shown in the SHOW ENGINE INNODB
STATUS \G output, look for more details there.

Gavin Towey

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Subject: Can't create foreign key

I'm trying to create a foreign key by executing the following statement:

ALTER TABLE `cc`.`takenlessons`

  ADD CONSTRAINT `fk_lessons`

  FOREIGN KEY (`LessonID` )

  REFERENCES `cc`.`lessons` (`id` )



, ADD INDEX `fk_lessons` (`LessonID` ASC) ;

I'm using the RC of MySQL workbench to do this. When I execute this
statement, I get the following error:

Error Code: 1005

Can't create table 'cc.#sql-115c_61' (errno: 121))

In the past when I got a similar error, it was because the fields didn't
match exactly. For instance, one may be Int(10) and one Int(11), or one may
be Unsigned, and the other not.  But, in this case, both match exactly.
What other reasons are there for a foreign key creation to fail like that?



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