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From:Nitin Mehta Date:May 4 2010 6:45am
Subject:Re: mysql transaction log
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I think you've got it a little wrong. In MySQL, transaction log is different from bin-log.
Transaction logs are used only for Innodb while bin-logs are optional and capture data
related to all the storage engines. I believe, you cannot read thru the transaction logs
and these logs files (used in cyclic fashion) are only for the purpose of Instance
recovery other than providing transaction support. Bin logs, on the other hand are used
mainly for two purposes - replication and PTR (point-in-time recovery). A small utility
called mysqlbinlog can read through the bin logs and generate SQL file which is very handy
if you need to take up PTR or just want to verify any details.

Hope that helps!


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Subject: mysql transaction log

Please help me to understand more about the mysql transaction log (
mysqlbinlog) file and its contents. Will it support only the innodb or all
the storage engine types like MyISAM, InnoDB?


Arsh Paul

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