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From:Shawn Green Date:May 1 2010 3:49am
Subject:Re: Variables in stored procedures
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Ashley M. Kirchner wrote:
>     I have the following procedure:
> ----------
> CREATE PROCEDURE `geodistance`(IN userid int, IN maxdist int)
>   begin
>   declare userlng double;
>   declare userlat double;
>   declare lng1 float;
>   declare lng2 float;
>   declare lat1 float;
>   declare lat2 float;
>   select lng, lat into userlng, userlat from coords_tbl where id=userid 
> limit 1;
>   set lng1 = userlng-maxdist/abs(cos(radians(userlat))*69);
>   set lng2 = userlng+maxdist/abs(cos(radians(userlat))*69);
>   set lat1 = userlat-(maxdist/69);
>   set lat2 = userlat+(maxdist/69);
>   select id,lat,lng,3959*2*asin(sqrt(power(sin((userlat - abs(lat)) * 
> pi()/180/2),2) + cos(userlat*pi()/180) * cos(abs(lat) * pi()/180) * 
> power(sin((userlng - lng) * pi()/180/2),2))) as distance from coords_tbl 
> where lng between lng1 and lng2 and lat between lat1 and lat2 having 
> distance < maxdist order by distance;
> ----------
>     This works just dandy ... with one small problem.  I need to be able 
> to pass a variable to the procedure that represents the table it should 
> be querying.  At the moment it's querying the hard coded table 
> 'coords_tbl' ...
>     So the create statement should change to:
>      'CREATE PROCEDURE `geodistance` (IN userid int, IN maxdist int, IN 
> tblname char)'
>     But then, how do I pass that to the select queries after wards?
>     I tried setting a @tmp_query which is a CONCAT('select ... from ', 
> tblname, ' ...'); and using prepare and execute to run it, but it always 
> comes back telling me 'userlng' is undefined (presumably because that's 
> the first one in the select query).  So I'm missing something, somewhere 
> ...
>     Suggestions anyone?

Two options

1) use the placeholder, a question mark, to represent the location to 
which you want a variable to appear then pass those variables in as part 
of your execute statement. The name of the table cannot be resolved as a 
variable at execution time. To quote
Parameter markers can be used only where data values should appear, not 
for SQL keywords, identifiers, and so forth.

see also:

2) resolve your variables as you build your SQL string so that they no 
longer refer to a variable but become literal values within the query 
you are constructing.

Shawn Green
MySQL Principle Technical Support Engineer
Oracle USA, Inc.
Office: Blountville, TN
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