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From:Anand Kumar Date:April 29 2010 7:30am
Subject:Re: Recommend A Backup User / Privileges?
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Hi Carlos,

I would say the below grants for a user to perform backup is the minimum
grants which we can provide..

grant select , lock tables, file on *.* to backup_user'@'localhost'
identified by 'somepassword';


On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 10:28 PM, Carlos Mennens <carloswill@stripped>wrote:

> I downloaded a MySQL backup script today since I have 3 or 4
> relatively small databases. The script can be found here:
> Now I was wondering if I can create a local database user
> 'backup'@'localhost' & grant him a level of permissions needed to
> perform a 'mysqldump' so he can backup the databases to an directory
> on the server. My Question is what level or permissions does a user
> need to perform a 'mysqldump' on a database since that particular
> user's password will be entered into the script noted above via plain
> text. I am scared the password will be compromised & that would be bad
> if it's root or someone who has GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.*.
> Can you guys recommend something for me here? I don't really know
> enough about MySQL 'grant' permissions to determine which would work
> or if the 'backup' user would require high level privileges.
> -Carlos
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