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From:Martijn Tonies Date:April 28 2010 2:04pm
Subject:Re: order by numeric value
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>> > But I'd prefer not to see the extra sorting field.
>> You don't need to select a field in order to be able to order by it.
>> So
>> select chart_of_accounts.accountname as Account,
>> concat('$',format(coalesce(sum(sales_journal_entries.debit),0),2)) as
>> Debit,
>> concat('$',format(coalesce(sum(,0),2)) as
>> Credit,
> concat('$',format(coalesce(sum(,0)-coalesce(sum(sales_journal_entries.debit),0),2))
>> as Balance
>> from sales_journal_entries
>> left join sales_journal
>> on sales_journal.journalID=sales_journal_entries.journalID
>> left join chart_of_accounts
>> on chart_of_accounts.accountID=sales_journal_entries.accountID
>> where > '2008-12-31'
>> and < '2010-01-01'
>> group by sales_journal_entries.accountID
>> order by
> coalesce(sum(,0)-coalesce(sum(sales_journal_entries.debit),0)
>> asc;
>> should do the trick.
>> Jesper
> Perfectamundo!  I thought there would have been a more elegant way but
> this works just fine.  Thanks.

There is a more elegant way: do not do your $ at the database, but rather
in the presentation layer.

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Martijn Tonies
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