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From:Marijn Vandevoorde Date:April 28 2010 12:11pm
Subject:remote mysqldump to csv (--tab)
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Hi all,

posted this in the backup list, but that one seems to be pretty dead, so i'll try my luck
again here:

We're currently looking for a way to backup a pretty big mysql table to 
a csv file. However, we don't want to allow the user ssh or file access 
to the server, so it'd have to happen remotely. the --tab/-T option 
allows exporting to csv, but not remotely.
So we're looking for a way to have mysqldump store these files remotely, 
on the client where mysqldump is executed.
I've been looking up and down, only to find bad news, so I'm pretty sure 
it's just not possible. I know there are ways to do this (little script 
to convert the sql to csv, or pipe it all through sed), but we were just 
wondering if we're really not overlooking a nifty option in mysqldump :-)

Thanks in advance


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