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From:Bernd Lentes Date:April 21 2010 9:13am
Subject:Grants for own objects ?
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hello ML,

i'm new to MySQL, so i have a very basic question. I have to install a database server for
about 15 persons. The server is intended for testing and evaluating. The users should be
able to create their own databases and tables. And they should be able to give grants on
their own objects to other users.
Following the recommendation in a MySQL-Book, i inserted the following line in the db

localhost | lentes\_% | lentes | Y           | Y           | Y           | Y           | Y
          | Y         | Y          | Y               | Y          | Y          | Y        
            | Y                | Y                | Y              | Y                   |
Y                  | Y

That means that the user lentes can create databases, where the name begins with lentes_ .
This works.

Being logged in as lentes, i'm able to create a databse called lentes_1. But i'm not able
to give grants to other users:

mysql> grant select on lentes_1.* to 'eitz'@'localhost';
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user 'lentes'@'localhost' to database 'lentes_1'

Uer lentes has no global privileges. How can i achieve that users are able to create their
own databases/tables and to assign grants for their own databases/tables ?


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