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From:Shawn Green Date:April 18 2010 4:18pm
Subject:Re: Mysql - Tables Export to Excel!
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Vikram A wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to export my table structure from MYSQL from a particular db. Is there
> any tool for doing this? 

There are several ways to get "structure" information from within MySQL:

the SHOW COLUMNS... command
the SHOW INDEXES... command
the SHOW CREATE TABLE... command

you can also write queries against the tables in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA

You can also use an external utility such as mysqldump. Use the 
--no-data option to get just a dump of your table definitions. If you 
also want to see triggers and events and stored procedures, you also 
need to use the --triggers, --events, and --procedure options, too.

Details are in the fine manual:

I guess the final answer depends on which information are you looking 
for and in what format you want to see it. Got any details you want to 

Shawn Green
MySQL Principle Technical Support Engineer
Oracle USA, Inc.
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