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From:Jigal van Hemert Date:April 16 2010 7:05pm
Subject:Re: Downloading MySQL
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Rhino wrote:
> I've been away from MySQL for a few years and have not really been 
> keeping close tabs on things, although I have kept my mysql mailing list 
> subscription and am aware of a major player planning to purchase MySQL. 
> Did that actually go ahead?

Well... first Sun bought MySQL AB and recently Oracle bought Sun.

> The reason I ask is that I want to download a free copy of MySQL to use 
> for development purposes and found that I couldn't simply download it 
> any more the way I did several years ago. It gives you a form to 
> complete where you have to supply all kinds of contact information and 
> then assures you that someone will be in touch within 48 hours. What the 
> heck is all that about? Is this some sort of "marketing offensive" where 
> some sales guy is going to try to push me into purchasing MySQL and a 
> service contract??

Go to , select the "Downloads (GA)" tab, click on "MySQL 
Community Server" and select the operating system.
After you've clicked on the "Download" button you will be presented with 
a form to login as a returning user, or register as a new user.
Below that form is a link ">>No thanks, just take me to the downloads!"

Pretty simple to avoid the questions.

Jigal van Hemert.
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