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From:Rhino Date:April 16 2010 6:54pm
Subject:Downloading MySQL
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What's the deal with downloads of MySQL?

I've been away from MySQL for a few years and have not really been 
keeping close tabs on things, although I have kept my mysql mailing list 
subscription and am aware of a major player planning to purchase MySQL. 
Did that actually go ahead?

The reason I ask is that I want to download a free copy of MySQL to use 
for development purposes and found that I couldn't simply download it 
any more the way I did several years ago. It gives you a form to 
complete where you have to supply all kinds of contact information and 
then assures you that someone will be in touch within 48 hours. What the 
heck is all that about? Is this some sort of "marketing offensive" where 
some sales guy is going to try to push me into purchasing MySQL and a 
service contract??

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