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From:walter harms Date:April 14 2010 7:12am
Subject:Re: Fwd: Mixing Latin and UTF
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Huib schrieb:
> Hello,
> I hope that this is the right list.
> I have a database that has been running for years in latin1 but a
> software update changed it in to utf8 that would be no big deal if we
> know it right away so we could change the database.
> The big problem is that the database has been running for 2 months as
> utf8 and it is causing problems now. I have like 500mb latin1 and
> 100mb utf in the database.
> How can I convert the database to utf8 without breaking it?

in short that is bad,
i would do a unload/load cycle
you can easly use recode/iconv or friends to convert the problem
is that you have to check carefully no to convert to much.
If you can unload only the Latin1 that would be a great help,
also having binary data will make thinks more complicated.

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