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From:F.A.I.Z.A.L Date:April 9 2010 2:05am
Subject:problem with mysqld process
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Hi *

mysqld process consuming more 100% of cpu usage and execution time also very

1. how to reduce CPU?
2. why mysqld process consuming high cpu utilization?
3. Wether need to fine tune sql application. then how to use plan table in
4. which storage engine is better for transaction? innodb or myisam. my
current production, some tables are in myisam and some tables are in innodb.
is there any changes required here...
5. what is the use of left outer join. this will downgrade the db

please proived the answer. my current db give more performance related
issue. i was increase the instance memory but still problem not solved. i
don't have much idea in mysql..

thank in advance..

Faizal S
GSM : 9840118673

problem with mysqld processF.A.I.Z.A.L9 Apr