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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 24 1999 7:19pm
Subject:Re: phpMyAdmin er-mysql_connect()
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At 7:00 AM -0800 1999-12-24, Joe Know wrote:
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>phpMyAdmin fatal error with mysql_connect()
>I'm new to mysql/php, but have hack around trying
>to solve this simple but annoying problem that is
>holding me back.
>I've installed both on to my virtural BSD server at
>'' All are installed and seem to be
>running.  PHP3-3.0.7 and MYSQLADMIN 3.22.25
>Both seem to be running fine, now I want make my
>life easy and set-up phpMyAdmin.
>I get this error, when attempting run from the
>browser the phpMyAdmin util.
>Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined
>function mysql_connect() in on line
>I can login to mysql no problem with from the
>command line using my 'root@localhost' and my
>password.  What gives, I also tried changing the
>mysql_connect() into mysql_real_connect() but both
>give the same error, inside of the ""
>file where the connection code lives.
>Has anyone else overcome this problem?

Sounds like PHP wasn't compiled with mysql support.  Reconfigure
it with the --with-mysql option.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
phpMyAdmin er-mysql_connect()Joe Know24 Dec
  • Re: phpMyAdmin er-mysql_connect()Paul DuBois24 Dec