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From:Neil Aggarwal Date:April 2 2010 5:05pm
Subject:Can't drop index
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When I try to drop an index from an InnoDB table:

drop index company_n56 on company;

I get this error:

ERROR 1025 (HY000): Error on rename of './thymeleweb/#sql-788_1218' to
'./thymeleweb/company' (errno: 150)

Look at the index using: show keys from company\G
gives me this info for that key:

       Table: company
  Non_unique: 1
    Key_name: company_n56
Seq_in_index: 1
 Column_name: client_manager_person_id_oid
   Collation: A
 Cardinality: 2
    Sub_part: NULL
      Packed: NULL
        Null: YES
  Index_type: BTREE

The field is a varchar field that holds the id of a record in
the person table:

  Field: client_manager_person_id_oid
   Type: varchar(256)
   Null: YES
    Key: MUL
Default: NULL

When I look at the person table, I do not see an index that would
refer back to this table.

Any ideas why I can't drop this index?


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