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From:tcobb Date:April 21 1999 11:24pm
Subject:RE: Ballpark performance.
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On a PII 350 running FreeBSD with 384MB of RAM, we run
two separate MySQL processes which each process more than
30 queries per second all day every day.  The load on the
machine never goes over .2 -- it doesn't sweat and it
never swaps to disk.  Typically, one of the MySQL processes
has 300+ simultaneous threads, the other about 10-20.

Now, this machine has been tuned specifically for this purpose,
including recompiling libc_r to increase the FD_SETSIZE
and many many many more tweaks.  It does nothing else but
run MySQL.

We've done some load tests and I expect that we can 
increase the # of queries per second on this machine 
by a factor of 5 or more before we notice a slowdown.

-Troy Cobb
 Circle Net, Inc.

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>   Subject: Ballpark performance.
>   I know that asking how many queries per second mysql is capable of
>   handling is a bad question but I really need a ballpark guestimate.
>   I am trying to forcast my db server needs for the next year 
>   or two.  I'm
>   not worried about the web server end of things because web 
>   servers are
>   easily scalable, db servers are not.  
>   Basically if I were to get a pretty hot machine (something like dual
>   processors and 1/2 gig of ram) dedicated to mySQL I need to 
>   know about how
>   many queries per second I could expect to get of it.
>   The query breakdown would be something like this:
>     50% Simple SELECT (NO JOINS) returning 50-100 records each.
>     25% More complex SELECT queries (Containing Joins) 
>   usually returning a 
>         single row but sometimes more.
>     20% Updates
>      5% Other
>    And lets say that the main tables being maipulated contain 
>   approxamately
>   a million records each.
>   As I said I know this is a bad question.  Too many 
>   variables but I just
>   want a ballpark (say 50 queries/sec 100 queries/sec or what?)
>   Thanks in advance,
>     Brian Bray
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