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From:Joerg Bruehe Date:March 17 2010 9:49am
Subject:Identifiers (was: Re: dash was converted o a wierd character)
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Hi everybody!

Johan De Meersman wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 8:03 PM, Michael Dykman <mdykman@stripped> wrote:
>> [[...]]
> I would suggest that the manner appropriate to most any environment is to
> just use plain ascii for your filenames :-)  [[...]]

Let me voice my full support for this position.

It is necessary to support local character sets and collations in the
data, but any use of non-ASCII in the names of files or tables
(sometimes even columns) introduces compatibility and portability
problems which turn into risks of data loss.

So for your own good: Stay with ASCII in any names that may become
visible to the operating system, and anything whose correct input
(on different platforms - think heterogeneous client-server!)
may become essential for the correct operation of your system.

(The same holds for mail - my name contains the German umlauts "ö" and
"ü", but I will always use the ASCII spelling "oe" and "ue" in mail
addresses, subject lines, and signature files as shown below.)

On a related note: blanks!

Do yourself a favor and avoid blanks in table, file, and column names.
There is a reason why programming languages have the concept of
IMNSHO you should never call a column (or table) "customer name" but
rather use "customer_name" or "CustomerName" (where I prefer the former,
because of problems with case significance on some platforms).
Anybody who ever had to deal with blanks in file names breaking a script
will know my reasons.

(using the umlaut in the mail body only)

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