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From:Johan De Meersman Date:March 16 2010 9:06am
Subject:Re: dash was converted o a wierd character
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On *nix, look for a utility called convmv.

I've got a hunch that your original file comes from a windows host, and the
filenames may have been copied from a word document or something similar.
Microsoft knows best, and thus tends to convert regular dashes into some
weird, slightly elongated version. If you copy that to a filename, and then
move that file to a *nix host, you get strange stuff. It's all for your own
good, apparently.

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 11:08 PM, Néstor <rotsen@stripped> wrote:

> I have an sql file that I dump(mysqldump) and then I installed on a new
> system and some how
> the dashes on the file were changed to some wierd character.
> When I look at the sql file in my windows machine using PUTTY
> I get stuff like "1.01.A â the second"
> When I look at the same file from my linux machine via "ssh -y" the I get
> stuff like  "1.01.A – the second "
> All I know is that this wierd character original was a dash (-)
> How can I search for this character and convert it to a dash?
> Thanks,
> Nestor :-)

Bier met grenadyn
Is als mosterd by den wyn
Sy die't drinkt, is eene kwezel
Hy die't drinkt, is ras een ezel

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