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From:Johan De Meersman Date:March 15 2010 3:53pm
Subject:Re: Very slow subselect (parser bug)?
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On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 4:22 PM, Pascal Gienger <
Pascal.Gienger@stripped> wrote:

> Using this result to reconstruct the first left outer join from the initial
> statement, I get this result:

Not so much a bug as a missing feature: the parser is currently unable to
recognize any subselect as being fully independent, and will thus execute it
for each and every row in your primary select.

You may or may not get better results by rewriting it so the subselect is a
virtual table. If that doesn't help, subselect into temptable and use that,
or do the reconstruction in code, or other dirty tricks. YMMV.

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Very slow subselect (parser bug)?Pascal Gienger15 Mar
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