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From:John G. Heim Date:March 10 2010 4:34pm
Subject:mysql & RAID
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I am working on configuring a new hardware database server. I'm a little 
confused as to what to do about disk. We have several mysql databases but by 
far the 2 most active are spamassassin bayesian rules and horde3/imp web 
mail. Both do a lot of updates. The bayesian rules are added to each time a 
spam message comes in for any of our 200 users. And the horde3/imp writes 
address book updates and preferences quite often.

I have read (and have been told) to stay away from RAID-5 for 
update-intensive systems. Are there performance concerns with RAID-10 as 
well? We will be buying from Dell (done deal for reasons too complicated to 
go into) and the disks they're selling are 146 Gb. I can get up to 8 of them 
in the server we're buying. I asked them about just getting 2 big disks and 
going with RAID-1.

My understanding is that with RAID-10, the system can do multiple reads and 
writes simultaneously so throughput is improved oversystems w/o RAID or with 
RAID-1. But the same logic would apply to RAID-5 only it doesn't work out 
that way.

I just want to make sure I'm configuring this system correctly before I 
order it.

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