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From:Brent Clark Date:March 6 2010 4:30pm
Subject:Allowing triggers & stored procedures on MySQL
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Hi everyone,

Currently we have a policy that prohibit our customers from creating 
stored procedures and triggers on their DB's which I imagine must be 
driving them up the walls. It's like having a car with a boot but you 
are not able to use it.  :)

Are there any reasons why we would'nt want customers to make use of 
these built in features and what other means are available.

My reading showed that you need the "create routine" privilege and you 
*may* require the super privilege if you have binary logging enabled 
(and then that only becomes a potential issue if you are actually 
replaying those logs (ie. either for replication or for  media recovery).

I think I was reading the MySQL 5.1 manual - so maybe this is different 
with 5.0?

Kind Regards
Brent Clark
Allowing triggers & stored procedures on MySQLBrent Clark6 Mar
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