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From:Steven Staples Date:March 5 2010 4:11pm
Subject:Master/Slave - trucate master table
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Good day everyone...

I am working with a master/slave set up, and of course, we started it once
the database tables were a combined size of 60gb+

We've got it running and in sync now, (stopped the master, deleted the bin
files, rsync'd the database tables and restarted the master) and all has
been fine for the last week... until today.

We stopped the mysql process on the slave, and did a backup (due to size, we
just rsync and backup the rsync) of the table files.  Took about 40 minutes
to do (still not sure why it was that long, but anyway), and then we
restarted the slave mysql.  We're getting an error now.  Apparently one of
the tables is out of sync now?   What appears to have happened, is that when
the slave was down, i truncated a table on the master.

I've read that this sometimes causes errors, is this a bug? Or a is there
something I should do differently?

Steven Staples

Master/Slave - trucate master tableSteven Staples5 Mar
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