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From:prabhat kumar Date:March 5 2010 3:32pm
Subject:Re: Displaying date/time
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Might be this will help you:
there is a table called message with 3 colums - id, pubdate and message;
You can get all messages from the last 5 minutes with the following example;

SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, pubdate, now()), id, message from message where
(TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE, pubdate, now()) < 5);


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 8:19 PM, Tompkins Neil

> Hi
> I have a number of rows which have Date and Time data in.  I want to
> display
> in the following formats based on the systems current time
> e.g under 1 hour 24min ago
> e.g under 1 day 16h 29min ago
> e.g over 1 day 1d 2h 29min ago
> e.g over 1 week 1w 4d 2h 29min ago
> How would this best be achieve using MySQL.
> Thanks,
> Neil

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