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From:Ian Simpson Date:March 3 2010 10:40am
Subject:Re: Remove 'debian-sys-maint' Account?
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Hi Carlos,

The debian-sys-maint account is used for two things that I am aware of:

1) the /etc/init.d/mysql stop command uses it to perform a controlled
shutdown of MySQL.

2) on execution of /etc/init.d/mysql start, it uses this account to run
a CHECK TABLE on all of your tables

The first function is quite handy, the second is downright annoying,
especially if you have any large tables, as these will take a long time
to check.

There is a way of stopping it from performing the table check without
disabling the maintenance account, but I can't remember it off-hand.


On Tue, 2010-03-02 at 13:15 -0500, Carlos Williams wrote:
> I am using Debian 'Squeeze' / Testing on with MySQL 5.1.41-3
> installed. It is a fresh install and I was checking all the system
> accounts and noticed that Debian has a 'debian-sys-maint' account on
> 'localhost'. Has anyone ever removed this account? Do I need it or can
> I safely remove this account? I don't understand why it's there. I
> don't want to break MySQL even though there is no data or databases on
> this machine but I would like to keep this as clean as possible.
> Thanks for any input.
> -Carlos

Ian Simpson
System Administrator

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