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From:Olaf Stein Date:March 2 2010 4:49pm
Subject:Re: redirecting query output?
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I don't think you do anything about the output, you could however check if a record is
already in the table before inserting it... And skip it if already there


On 3/2/10 11:17 AM, "Richard Reina" <richard@stripped> wrote:

I have a perl script that periodically reads and enters (via perl->DBI parsed system
output (about received faxes) into a table.  Since the old output is repeated I have put,
when creating the table, the UNIQUE key on the field of the faxname, which is always
different (something like fax000007879.tif)

Every time the script is run many of the old faxes that have already been entered into the
table are still on the server (as I would like them to be).  As a result MySQL via
execute() dutifully warns about all the duplicate errors. Is there anyway to redirect that
output so the it does not appear as standard output? Or is it a bad idea to do so and
should I being doing a different sort ow query altogether?



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