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From:Suresh Kuna Date:March 2 2010 3:41am
Subject:Re: Default privileges of a new user?
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Information schema is a Virtual DB, the default "usage" grants privilege
will be there so he can see few databases like test, mysql and
Information_schema but cannot access any data.
If you want to restrict the remote connection, Specify the hostname instead
of '%' so users can only connect from that host alone.

Suresh Kuna

2010/3/2 PengXiaoxun <fikm666@stripped>

> I create a new account via the following statement:
> CREATE USER 'monty'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '123456';
> Without any privileges granted, the user 'monty' can access the database
> information_schema via a remote host.
> Why?
> How can I create a new user without any privileges actually?

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