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From:Julia Samarska Date:February 26 2010 11:08am
Subject:Schema and Data Comparison and Synchronization Tools for MySQL Offer Command Line Mode and Comparison Reports
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Julia Samarska

Schema and Data Comparison and Synchronization Tools for MySQL Offer Command Line Mode and
Comparison Reports

MySQL database synchronization is enhanced with command line mode, comparison reports, and
GUI improvements.

Devart announced the release of dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare for MySQL, v2.00.
Updated product versions not only automate schema and data synchronization, but also offer
efficient tools to take full control during these processes. 

The new features of dbForge Schema and Data Compare 2.00 include:

  a.. Command Line Launch for Data and Schema Synchronization Tools. This gives more
freedom for the users who perform repeated synchronizations. It takes only to set a desire
time to launch the process and then come back to check the desired result at a proper

  b.. Schema Comparison Reports. Keeping records of schema changes is now automated.
dbForge Studio for MySQL can generate a clear and attractive comparison reports upon the
comparison completion.

  c.. Text Comparer Improvements. Even a single different character in DDL of compared
objects is highlighted in the text comparer. Besides, to customize the display of DDL
differences, a text comparer toolbar was added.

  d.. Start Page. A set of high-usage tools is at the user's fingertips. The users can
start their common tasks in one click without searching a required command in the menu.
For example, they can create a new snapshot or SQL document, recompare any of recent
comparison projects, and quickly access Devart resources if any questions occur.

  e.. Improved Data Editor. Up to 40 improvements were implemented to create quicker,
easier, and more delighted ways for data management. The Data Editor spares tens of mouse
clicks a day for you saying nothing of tens of frowns.

  f.. Automatic Connection Recovery. If a database connection is broken, dbForge Schema
Compare for MySQL implicitly recovers it without any error generation.

  g.. Automatic Product Update. dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL automatically notifies
you about any available updates and offers a flexible update process with Product Update
Manager. This is a simple and effective way to deliver the new functionality and let you
get the maximum of product usage.

  h.. Improvements to Better Serve Specific Users' Needs. The new version contains many
essential improvements that increase the efficiency in working with data. Here are some of
them: addition of active database selector to SQL Document, SQL Filter applied to any
compared table, etc.

Price and Availability

The fully-functional 30-day trial versions of dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare for
MySQL are available for download at .The license price of
the products is $79.95. It includes a free 1-year subscription for updates and customer

For more information about dbForge Schema Compare and Data Compare, visit the products
pages - and

About Devart

Devart is a software development company with 11 years of experience on the software
market and over 20 thousands of devoted users. 

We specialize in providing comprehensive development and management tools as well as
native connectivity solutions for the most popular databases, including Oracle, SQL
Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, and SQLite.

For additional information about Devart, visit 

Schema and Data Comparison and Synchronization Tools for MySQL Offer Command Line Mode and Comparison ReportsJulia Samarska26 Feb