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From:Andrew Braithwaite Date:February 24 2010 5:52pm
Subject:RE: Index analyser
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You can use this to get rid of unused indicies too.

Requires the percona extensions to be loaded.



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From: Andrew Braithwaite [mailto:andrew.braithwaite@stripped] 
Sent: 24 February 2010 17:44
To: Cantwell, Bryan; mysql@stripped
Subject: RE: Index analyser

There's also the Query Analyser which is part of
MySQL Enterprise - I've never used it and it is very expensive but I
believe it will advise on optimal indicies.



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From: Cantwell, Bryan [mailto:bcantwell@stripped] 
Sent: 23 February 2010 23:09
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Subject: RE: Index analyser

Ya, that one is helpful... just trying to land on a solution like I've
seen in other DB's that have index-advisor that listens and creates what
it thinks is the perfect indexes ... but thx...

From: mos [mos99@stripped]
Sent: Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:33 PM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: Re: Index analyser

At 03:28 PM 2/23/2010, you wrote:
>Is there still no such thing anywhere for Mysql as an index analyser?
>Many others have such a thing that will sit and monitor db activity
over a
>poeriod of time and suggest the exact indexes on each table based on
>it has seen to improve performance....
>Anyone got that for MySQL?

You can look at


This tool was formerly known as mk-log-parser.

mk-query-digest is a framework for doing things with events from a query
source such as the slow query log or PROCESSLIST. By default it acts as
very sophisticated log analysis tool. You can group and sort queries in
many different ways simultaneously and find the most expensive queries,
create a timeline of queries in the log, for example. It can also do a
"query review," which means to save a sample of each type of query into
MySQL table so you can easily see whether you've reviewed and analyzed a
query before. The benefit of this is that you can keep track of changes
your server's queries and avoid repeated work. You can also save other
information with the queries, such as comments, issue numbers in your
ticketing system, and so on.


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