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From:Carsten Pedersen Date:February 21 2010 9:49am
Subject:Re: Duplicate entries despite group by
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Is the CREATE TABLE you show the result of SHOW CREATE TABLE or your own 
create statement? If the latter, please show the output of SHOW CREATE.

Does SELECT succeed if you remove the INSERT part of the statement?

You might want to consider adding an index on transactionlogid, this 
could bring down query time significantly.

/ Carsten

Yang Zhang skrev:
> I have the following table:
> CREATE TABLE `graph` (
>   `tableid1` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
>   `tupleid1` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `tableid2` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
>   `tupleid2` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `node1` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `node2` int(11) NOT NULL,
>   `weight` int(10) NOT NULL,
>   PRIMARY KEY (`tableid1`,`tupleid1`,`tableid2`,`tupleid2`)
> and I'm running this query (note the 'group by'):
>         insert into graph (node1, node2, tableid1, tupleid1, tableid2,
> tupleid2, weight)
>         select 0, 0, a.tableid, a.tupleid, b.tableid, b.tupleid, count(*)
>         from transactionlog a, transactionlog b
>         where a.transactionid = b.transactionid
>           and (a.tableid, a.tupleid) {'<'} (b.tableid, b.tupleid)
>         group by a.tableid, a.tupleid, b.tableid, b.tupleid
> However, after running for a few hours, the query fails with the
> following error:
> com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException:
> Duplicate entry 'new_order-248642-order_line-13126643' for key
> 'group_key'
> How is this possible? There were no concurrently running queries
> inserting into 'graph'. I'm using mysql-5.4.3; is this a beta
> bug/anyone else happen to know something about this? Thanks in
> advance.
> --
> Yang Zhang
Duplicate entries despite group byYang Zhang21 Feb
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