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From:Yang Zhang Date:February 18 2010 2:04am
Subject:auto_increment weirdness
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Hi, for some reason, I have an auto_increment field that's magically
bumped up to the next biggest power of 2 after a big INSERT...SELECT
that inserts a bunch of tuples (into an empty table). Is this expected
behavior? I couldn't find any mention of this from the docs (using the
MySQL 5.4.3 beta).

Small reproducible test case:

First, generate some data: from bash, run "seq 30000 > /tmp/seq"

Next, run this in mysql:

create table x (a int auto_increment primary key, b int);
create table y (b int);
load data infile '/tmp/seq' into table y;
insert into x (b) select b from y;
show create table x;

This will show auto_increment = 32768 instead of 30000.

Is this a bug introduced in the beta? Has it been fixed in newer
releases? Couldn't find a mention in the bug database. Thanks in
Yang Zhang
auto_increment weirdnessYang Zhang18 Feb
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