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From:Machiel Richards Date:February 17 2010 1:01pm
Subject:Uprading from mysql 5.0 to mysql 5.1
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HI All


                Maybe you can assist.


                We are looking at upgrading a clients' MySQL 5.0 to version


                They are running the following version: mysql  Ver 14.12
Distrib 5.0.72sp1, for unknown-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.1



                We would like to do a test run on this first to ensure we do
not encounter any unknown issues, but I cannot seem to find a link to
download this version from.


                Does anybody know where we can get hold of this version (I
think we will have to get hold of version 5.0.72 and also sp1 then apply


                Help will be appreciated.




Uprading from mysql 5.0 to mysql 5.1Machiel Richards17 Feb
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