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From:Wagner Bianchi Date:February 7 2010 12:12am
Subject:MySQL Proxy
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Hi friends,

Recently I accept an idea of testing a MySQL Proxy to concept an environment
that will use two slave servers below it.Ok, the theory is good and I decide
to try this, but, when I began to test step-by-step the MySQL Proxy manual I
felt that somenthing was wrong.

In first time, I started MySQL proxy with "mysql-proxy
--proxy-read-only-backend-addresses=localhost:3306" and connected with mysql
server using "mysql -u root -p -P 4042" only to test readOnly,
I had inserted some lines and updated too - I read on the manual that port
4042 is a readOnly port that filters UPDATE and INSERT and I didn't saw this

Ok, I looking forward on the manual yet, I read about the "mc.lua", Is that
script exists? I don't know, cause I going on with tests, in this time,
starting mysql-proxy with "mysql-proxy
--proxy-lua-script=mc.lua" and made all tests again with port 4042. Once my
tests fail.

Anybody here use this and MySQL-Proxy function?
Anybody can give some explanation how does it works?

Thanks in advanced.

Wagner Bianchi

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