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From:John List Date:February 2 2010 12:32am
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On 02/01/2010 06:38 PM, kebede teferi wrote:
> Hi, I'm very new to this and I need help.
> What I want to do is to execute a source command statement from cmd to create tables
> and populate them on a data base that I created in Mysql.  Here is what I did at CMD:
> *I changed the directory from c:\> to mysql
> *At mysql prompt i used -u root -p that prompted me to give my password.
> *I put in my password and I was allowed to access the mysql server.
> *I used the 'the use --database' command and I can see the database I created is
> active and waiting to be worked on.
> *then to run the script which is on a note pad with the name create and file type:
> sql I typed the following at the mysql prompt:
> *source create.sql;
>   I get the error message '2' and '22' whichever way I tried the source command.  I
> appreciate your help
> Kebede Teferi

mysql looks in the current directory for the source file. That the 
directory where you ran the mysql client from. The quickest fix is to 
give the complete path to the file, e.g. source /home/me/mysourcefile.sql

(You say yoiu changed your current directory to mysql but didn't give us 
the complete path. There are multiple mysql directories in most 



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