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From:Cui Shijun Date:January 29 2010 8:52am
Subject:extend via table VS extend via database
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   I'm using innodb engine. There are more and more rows in my table
recently, and
I've planned to extend the structure.
Assume I have testdb, the database, and testTab, the table, in ONE mysql.
There are two ways:
* extend via table, that is,
   testTab ----->  testTab_1
                ----->  testTab_2
                ----->  testTab_3

* extend via database, that is,
  testdb/testTab ------> testdb_1/testTab
                          ------> testdb_2/testTab
                          ------> testdb_3/testTab

 After the extend operation, all tables & databses will be at the SAME
mysql firstly,
then migration to newly-add other mysql on demand.

 Which way is better?
 Thank you
extend via table VS extend via databaseCui Shijun29 Jan
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