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From:Shawn Green Date:January 26 2010 5:44pm
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Krishna Chandra Prajapati wrote:
> Hi shawn,
> As the data grows to 20 millions the insert rate will become very slow. 
> In such case i am getting 2000 insert/seconds only.
> Therefore my objective is not achieved.
> I cannot slow up the insert rate of 10,000/second. I am getting data 
> (inserted by users at this rate)
> Is there any other way to do so. (distributed servers)

As mentioned in

Many things can affect the speed at which you can import data:
* The actual size and data types of the rows you are inserting.
* The storage engine you are using
* The method you use to insert the rows (INSERT vs. INSERT (extended 
format) vs LOAD DATA INFILE ...)
* The number of and types of indexes on the table you are inserting into
* The CPU or disk contention from other processes on the same machine.
* The speed of your network and or storage devices
* The use of DRBD

Full treatment of all of those factors is beyond the level of assistance 
I am permitted to supply in these forums. However if you care to ask a 
specific question or two I may be able to bend the rules a little.

Shawn Green, MySQL Senior Support Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Office: Blountville, TN

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