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From:Shawn Green Date:January 12 2010 6:16pm
Subject:Re: upgrading mysql
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Lawrence Sorrillo wrote:
> Hi:
> I want to upgrade a master and slave server from mysql 4.1 to mysql 5.1.
> I want to so something like follows:
> 1. Stop all write access to the master server.


> 2. Ensure that replication on the slave is caught up to the last change 
> on the master.

why? You are just going to replace it later.

> 3. stop binary logging on the master.

why? You can just disconnect the slave

> 4. stop replication on the slave.

You can do this at step 2. Just issue STOP SLAVE IO_THREAD;  The SQL 
thread can keep moving along.

> 5. dump the master, stop old 4.1 server, start new 5.1 server and reload 
> master dump file under 5.1 server ( binary logging is turned off)

Yes. No need to create binary logs for the rebuild.

> 6. dump the slave, stop old 4.1 server, start new 5.1 server and reload 
> slave dump file under 5.1 server.

There is a faster way.

> 7. After loading is complete, test then start binary logging on master 
> while still preventing updates to updates.

Once you have QA-ed your new 5.1 master, you can shut it down then copy 
the entire image (binaries and all) directly to the slave machine.  This 
is much faster than rebuilding from a dump and it ensures that you have 
identical data to start replication with.

After the copy, then restart the master with binary logging.

> 8. After loading slave, test then start slave (get configs in place and 
> restart server).

Yes, it's always good to test any server image before putting it online.

The CHANGE MASTER TO command to use for the slave will be at position 4 
of the first binary log created after the binary image was captured.

> I am thinking that in this scenario I dont have to bother with recording 
> binlog file names and position etc etc.
> That both servers will have the same databases abd replication and 
> binary logging will start on the two databases with no data loss and 
> continue forward.

You are correct. Because you are re-imaging your slave from your master, 
there is no need to track binary log or relay log positions.

See also:

** SAFETY ADVICE ** - always ensure you have a clean binary backup of 
any server you want to perform major maintenance to. In the off-chance 
that something does happen to go wrong, you will have it available for 
the fastest possible restore-to-original-state

Shawn Green, MySQL Senior Support Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Office: Blountville, TN

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