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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 11 2010 4:03am
Subject:Re: Can't open file error number 24
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In the last episode (Jan 11), Sathish said:
> We have been using MYSQL in our dedicated server for long time without
> problem, Suddenly we noticed an error stating " Can't open file error
> number 24".
> When we rebooted the machine , MYSQL started working again fine. We have
> to fix this problem not to happen again,
> We have 
> Opened tables: 18,500
> maximum connection :160
> table_catche : 320
> When I checked for open_files_limit in mysql administrator , it seems to
> be disabled...Do I need to enable that and set the value?  or Will it take
> default value 0 and use max connetion* 5 or max connection+table_cache*2 ?

If open_files_limit is currently 0, then your OS won't let you change the
value, and you will have to lower the table_open_cache variable to stay
under whatever the OS limit is.  Since Windows is the only OS where
open_files_limit is 0, you might want to try upgrading to MySQL 5.5 which
uses a different method of opening files (5.4 and older could only open 2048
files at once on Windows).

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	Dan Nelson
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