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From:Matt Neimeyer Date:January 7 2010 8:10pm
Subject:Probability Selects
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I've tried Googling till my brain is fried and I'm obviously missing
something because I'm not finding anything useful.

I'm trying to select names at random from a table that contains the
name and the frequency at which it is actually used in society. The
table is defined as follows:

CREATE TABLE `MaleNames` (
 `Name_ID` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `Name` char(50) default NULL,
 `Frequency` decimal(5,3) default NULL,

Some examples:

1, Aaron, 0.240
3, Abe, 0.006
13, Adrian, 0.069

What's the best way to select names at random from this but still take
into account frequency of use?

Thanks in advance!

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