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From:Steve Staples Date:January 6 2010 7:34pm
Subject:Binary Logging
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Good afternoon.

I am having a weird problem with the Binary Logging of my MySQL.

For some reason, we have it on (still not sure why) but when i look in the
/var/log/mysql/ folder, the oldest file is from the 2009-12-27.   The MySQL
service has not been restarted since the server came back up 150 days ago.
So somehow, they have been purged in the past, but i don't see a cron that
would have done it?

Anyway, my question is, is that I am currently moving data around, splitting
it into multiple tables, so there are TONNES of queries taking place, doing
inserts and such, and now I am up to 93GB in this folder.

I am starting to worry about running out of space on the harddrives, and we
have been talking about doing a master/slave setup, and from what I've read,
you need the binary logs on for replication?

Is this true?  Should I keep them, or can i ditch them, and will it
re-create them when we do go to a master/slave setup?

Once i finish moving data around, i can remove the old tables that i am
moving them out of, so I don't really see a huge issue with dumping them, i
just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance!

Steve Staples.

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