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From:Claudio Nanni Date:January 4 2010 10:17am
Subject:Re: Mysql Certification exams
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I am certified Dba, the book is all you need for the exam....well 8 years
experience help as well. What I mean is that

On 4 jan 2010 10:20, <carsten@stripped> wrote:

Hi Machiel,

First of all, obligatory disclaimer: Until 2007, I was in charge of the
MySQL certification exams. I'm also co-author of the book I'm about to
recommend, but I receive no sales royalties. All of which means that I'm
biased and my knowledge may be a bit rusty, but hopefully still useful :-)

The best resource for self-study ought to be the MySQL 5 Certification
Study Guide,

The book has received very favorable feedback from those doing
self-studying for the certification exams. Along with the book you get a
number of self-study questions to help you check whether you have
understood the material. The questions are open-ended/discussion questions,
not multiple-choice like on the exams.

Also make sure to read the candidate guide on the mysql web site before
you go to the exam. It has a lot of valuable hints.

Best of luck on the exam!

/ Carsten

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010 08:06:12 +0200, "machiel.richards"

<machiel.richards@stripped> wrote:

> Good day all > > > > I hope that someone can help me out with some
resources. ...

> I am trying to get hold of sample exams, etc... that I can > use for
preparation t...

> Does anybody know where I can look for these? > > > > > > Regards
> > >
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