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From:Carsten Pedersen Date:December 29 2009 2:06pm
Subject:Re: Help keep the Internet free
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I would encourage everyone on this list to at least read the two articles

"Fox in the henhouse" (


"GPL is not the answer" (

You may or may not agree with those, but at least then you'll have made 
an educated decision whether to sign the petition or not.

(Disclaimer: I'm a former employee of MySQL AB/Inc, but left before 
MySQL was bought up by Sun).

/ Carsten

Michael Widenius skrev:
> Hi!
> We have just launched a worldwide, multilingual petition at
> to get signatures to show the regulators in the
> EU and other places that it's important that MySQL continues to be
> available and developed as a strong Open Source product for all
> database needs.
> If you care about the future of MySQL as an Open Source product,
> please go and sign the petition and tell others about it!
> We are also searching for volunteers that can help us with gathering
> names for the petition.  If you have a bit a spare time and think that
> MySQL is worth saving, please join us on the #helpmysql IRC channel on
> Freenode and help us with spreading the world and gather names!
> You can make a real difference, wherever you are in the world! The
> more names we are able to get, the higher the chance is that we can
> keep MySQL free and available for all!
> Don't be fooled by the empty promises Oracle have given about the
> future of MySQL.  I examined them in my previous blog post at
> r.html
> and showed that Oracle is not really promising anything; Not even that
> the Open Source version of MySQL will be developed further.
> Thanks to everyone that helped us with the previous campaign. It was
> of great help, but probably not enough, which is why we had to start
> this new campaign to gather even more names.
> This time we will be able to use the names to influence decisions
> worldwide (not just in the EU) and we will get more public
> attention. This will be far more powerful.
> During the previous campaign there was a lot of discussions in
> different medias about my incentives for driving it.
> I have tried to answer most of these concerns in my latest blogpost:
> Help us keep the Infrastructure of the Internet free!
> Regards,
> Monty
> Creator of MySQL
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